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Artifact Deck Builder by ArtifactFire - Create Your Own Artifact Deck!

August 16th, 2018 | KoldBane
We've been developing our Artifact Deck Builder with hurried anticipation of the Artifact launch in November, and we are proud to say that it's ready for deck building!

The Artifact Deck Builder

We've aimed to create the most accurate and easy-to-use system we could with the current information - to offer the Artifact community the highest caliber tool possible. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tweet us @artifact_fire, drop us a line at [email protected], or simply comment below!

Without further ado, let's jump into the features of the Artifact Deck Builder!

Go to "Create a Deck" page

  • Start by clicking the "Create Deck" button in the top-left corner of your screen (it will be in the dropdown menu for mobile users, also in the top-left corner of the screen).

  • You can also browse decks by clicking the "Artifact Decks" button in the header navigation, and create a deck from there by clicking the "Create a Deck" button located at the top right.

Get Familiar with the Deck Builder

Once you're on the Deck Builder page, you'll see a number of sections. Let's run through these so that you're familiar with each:
  • Warning - if you are not logged in, you will see a Warning explaining that while you can still create a deck, but it will not be editable in the future, and obviously it cannot be attributed to you in any way. To avoid these issues, and to avoid seeing the Warning in the future, consider making an account!

  • Deck Name and Author Controls - the top area of the builder features an area to specify your Deck Name (there is a profanity filter, keep things fun!) followed by a set of Author Control buttons. These buttons let you Save, Preview, and Publish your deck respectively. Saving does not automatically Publish, allowing you to create drafts to come back to later.

  • Card Pool - below the top area, on the left, you'll see the Card Pool. At the top of the Card Pool is a filter section that allows you to search for cards more easily amongst the pool. Below the filters is a toggle that lets you view Confirmed or All cards (it defaults to Confirmed so that you get the most usable card pool possible). Below that is the current pool of cards that match the filter settings. The titles above the cards can be clicked to sort the cards by their metadata.
  • Instructions - beside the Card Pool to the right, you'll see some Instructions. These will disappear after selecting your first card.
  • Deck Details & Info - the last area at the very bottom allows you to provide some textual explanation about the deck. You can put anything you like here, it's a free space for your thoughts and explanations.

Build Your First Deck

Now that you're familiar with the different sections of the Deck Builder, it's time to start building your first deck!
  • Start by giving your Deck a name.

  • After that, add some Heroes. Every deck must have 5 heroes.

  • Switch over to the "Spells" tab and add a few spells. Check out how the Mana Curve changes with each additional card added.
    Switch to the remaining tabs and add as many "Items", "Allies", and "Improvements" as desired. Each addition changes the Mana Mix and Mana Curve, so cool.
  • Cards can be easily added or removed from existing stacks by left or right clicking respectively - you can't have more than 1 of each unique hero however.
  • Provide some details about your deck in the Deck Details & Information area - explain your reasoning behind the card choice, and the strategy you would employ using this deck. Tell viewers a bit about yourself, whatever you like! Note: this section allows for bbcode. If you're interested in what bbcode is available for now tweet or email us, we'll work on getting a bbcode reference and tools up later!

Publish and View Your Deck

Once everything is in place, the time is right to Save or Publish your deck. Saving will preserve your deck in draft mode under your account (so you must have an account to do this), and Publish will make it publically available. After clicking the Save or Publish button, you will be given a confirmation message.

If you've Published your deck, you can check it out by clicking "Artifact Decks" in the header navigation. This will bring you to the Browse Decks page, where your deck should be at the top as the most recently updated deck. You can see some metadata about it, and see how it looks while sitting with the other decks. Alternatively you can just look at preview to see how it looks and use the Tools.

By clicking the deck, you will be brought to the View Deck page. Here, you can check out your deck in all its glory, use the "First Hand" tool under "Tools" to deal yourself some example hands from the deck, or actively talk about the deck with other users through "Discussion".

Keep Improving

Once your deck is live, it may start attracting some attention. You'll see the view count rise, votes will start to come in, the community will react to your Artifact strategy! Once a deck is published, it's not a static thing, it can be updated and revised to include new information as time goes on. As this game is yet to be launched, a lot of people will be looking to update their information as it arrives.

We hope that this helps you get started with the new Deck Builder tool. We are super excited to see what the community will create with it, and where it will grow from here. Thanks for taking the time to read our little blurb, now go out and start making great decks!
(Last Updated: January 15th, 2020)

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