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Artifact Deck Guide:
Monoblack Aggro

By thetimer04 | Updated July 14th, 2019
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thetimer04 July 14th, 2019
Avg. Mana Cost = 5
All Items
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0
Value $114
Total Cards 37
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9 Rating
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21 Votes
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Open in Builder
21 V o t e s
Mana Curve
All Items
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0
Value $114
Total Cards 37
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Deck Details & Information
Can beat lategame decks.

Needs you to get the hang of it, I went up to rank 73 with this.

I see too many people with mono black decks nowadays. Truth is, I 've been testing aggro decks for quite some time and this is one of the best I could come up with.


1 - Sorla Khan - obviously

2 - Bloodseeker - his silence is the only way out of many situations, use it wisely.

3 - Tinker - His signature card is sick, his laser beam is nice when he is in an "Oath"ed lane. His hp is not that good..

4 - Phantom Assassin - an "almost" obvious choice, using her to gank or using her sig Coup de Grace are very good things to utilise.

5 - Lich - while lich isn't that obvious, his chain frost gives a huge advantage at mana 7 and his hp is great for staying in a lane. Do not underestimate his draw engine, when he is in an "oathed" lane, you can sacrifice a creep and draw 2 cards or to rotate a hero. Last but not least, chain frost provides initiative.

Heroes that would have been here but aren't:

Wyevrn: a perfect hero, a bad sig, coup is 6 mana.

Sniper: 7 mana is really bad for an aggro deck, lich's sig provides initiative and might kill more than 1 hero.

Storm Spirit: SS needs a different deck that I am currently testing. It might include The Tyler Estate and a lower mana curve.

Other cards I'm into adding:

-Coordinated Assault
-Assured Destruction
-Relentless Pursuit

Edit 13/04:

Seeing that this deck got some popularity (somehow) I decided to upgrade it to a newer version.

-2 Pick Offs, +2 Slays
-1 Tyler Estate Censor, +1 Disciple of Nevermore

Edit 11/06:

-1 Disciple of Nevermore, +1 Tyler Estate Censor (again)
-1 Demagicking Maul, +1 Assassin's Veil

-Using Tyler Estate Censor on 6 mana will disrupt an Annhilation or a Berserker's Call etc, so it packs quite an advantage over the Disciple.

-Demagicking maul is very useful, but in an aggro deck it will slow you down. It's better to pack some HP and utility with Veil.

-Removed Storm Spirit suggestion: Storm Spirit needs a different deck that I am currently working on. For example, there is no need for 3 blink daggers and the mana curve needs to be lowered a bit.

Currently testing the improvement Tyler Estate as per a suggestion from Reddit. It works good with Storm Spirit but I am currently testing how it can work with this deck as well. Removing 1 blink dagger is also an option.

I 'm not playing that much lately unfortunately and updating this seems kinda... vain, but I still enjoy the game as it is and got happy when I saw the 1000 views so...

Here's to the viewers of this :)

Edit 14/07:

2k Views! ...I edited some typos..
Still testing the Tyler Estate from time to time.

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