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mono green counter meta stickies

By proxy | Updated December 2nd, 2018
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proxy December 2nd, 2018
Avg. Mana Cost = 5
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16 12 8 4 0
Value $362
Total Cards 40
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35 V o t e s
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0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0
Value $362
Total Cards 40
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ahdamn's Avatar
ahdamn Posted: January 1st, 2019 | 6:40 AM
I highly recommend to use blink daggers instead of stonehall pikes for more hero mobility.
GuanDoto's Avatar
GuanDoto Posted: December 13th, 2018 | 2:51 AM
This deck is so amazing! Having a great run so far. Thanks for the share.
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Deck Details & Information
Mono green, fairly budget, counter meta. So far my winrate in casuals is 18-4 with all of my losses being against some blue variant.
Although i do have a large background in card games, (magic, force of will, hearthstone, elder scrolls, gwent, among others) I am very new to this game and only started playing for the public release a few days ago. Regardless, I have found success and fun with this deck and didn't see anything like it on the website, so I figured id share. That being said, treat everything i say with some skepticism as I absolutely do not have a full grasp on the game yet and a large part of my success is probably due to playing against other new players. Feel free to comment with flaws you see i might of missed, or call me a noob.

After playing black/green aggro and black/red aggro (netdecked), I got frustrated with the play style and made this as an attempt of a counter meta.
the goal is to keep the board spammed with sticky **** and make sure almost nothing ever dies.

Hero choices:
after a bit of experimenting i found lycan treant and omni to be the most resilient to start on the board, drow and enchantress die too easily to phantom assassin and bounty hunter. Lycan and treant both help your creeps in that lane trade well with their creeps and keep an early advantage. omni is simply huge and keeping him down early lets you use his heal asap, which is nice.

drow is extremely important to keep your sticky board threatening. she is turn 2 to get her aura out as early as possible, put her in whatever the safest lane is for her, you dont want her dying at all.

your third hero is fairly flex, but so far ive found enchantress to be the most effective because of her signature card and extra stick. just about every other hero in green would fit fairly well if you liked someone else in particular.

General play:

Despite being something of a late game scaling deck, your turn 1 and 2 in this deck are extremely important, and as such I am very heavy in 3 and 4 mana.

Rumusque blessing can be used to save a lycan or treant who might otherwise die to a bounty or phantom assassin to help keep presence on the board.

Rebel decoy can also be used to swap positions with a hero who would otherwise die, or can be placed next to lycan or treant to trade well with a creep.

mist of avernus should be dropped on a lane after your current lane so you can get its effects on turn 1, and should be placed in a lane which you think will keep creeps down on it for a while.

unearthed secrets should be placed in a lane where your opponent has a creep unblocked so you get the draw right away, and preferably placed in a lane you think they will invest heavily in since.

Turn 2 you can start dropping your creeps in lanes you plan on winning. satyr duelist and savage wolf snowball hard while they are alive, and should be placed in fairly safe positions unblocked, next to treant, or somewhere where they can kill off a creep to keep board advantage.

All seeing one's favor, verdant refuge, and cheating death are all incredible aura effects to start helping a lane get extremely beefy and tough to lock down, and a lane with these and mists of avernus can snowball quickly.

The late game is mostly covered by large boards accumulated by nothing dying, but i include 3 champion of the ancient and 2 emissary of the quorums for good measure, since champion of the ancient can turn a losing lane winning in an instant, and emissary can threaten an ancient kill if left unchecked.

My item choices are the stonehall set, since this deck doesn't generate a ton of gold these are cheap items which scale incredibly well when your heroes dont die, which is kind of the goal. Blink dagger would also be an excellent choice to add some mobility, demagicking maul would be a solid choice if you find problems with improvements, phase boots are always great, but i find the stonehall set to work well for me.

Match ups:

Against B/G, B/R, R/G or other aggro ive found the best play style is to try to invest in keeping all three lanes healthy, but when they show one lane to be their main focus and invest a lot into it, give it up to them. Try to keep your hero there alive for as long as possible (omni is great at this) so you can use your mana on that tower bolstering your other lanes with mist, verdant refuge, and cheating death. Try to get an unearthed secrets in this lane as a draw engine. placing a creep in this lane to kill a hero or block a lot of damage can be worth it as long as you dont really need it in another lane, especially defensive bloom, although you may prefer to put a defensive bloom in a lane with mist since they are very strong there.

meanwhile, focus all of your energy into the other two lanes. You should have no issue at all setting up a huge force in both of the other lanes, they will usually give up one of the lanes fairly quickly, you should put less effort into this lane and at most drop a wolf or satyr and mostly let the lane creeps do a lot of the work. The other lane they will fight hard for knowing they need to win two lanes, but they dont have the trading tools you have and winning the lane should be easy. If they bring heroes from their original won lane here via blink dagger or something and you cant win the lane, you can frequently just defend here and pull off a win in the lane they already killed or just kill the ancient if your free lane was left unchecked for too long.

Match ups against blue are a lot harder, since poke from spells like tower barrage, ignite, conflagration, and thunderstorm can take out creeps you really wanted to keep alive which can slow you down a lot, but mostly because of at any cost and annihilation. These two cards can completely destroy a lane you've been investing in and are by far your biggest counter.

the best counter play to this is cheating death, not flooding a board too hard, and using your heroes scaling in the deck to win.
Blues heroes are very weak so winning a lane against them is incredibly easy.

U/G doesn't threaten your heroes almost at all, so keeping them on the board and keeping all three lanes healthy isn't too difficult, then you can snowball all three lanes, this match should be fairly easy.

U/B is a little harder with phantom assassin, bounty, and spells like gank, hip fire, coup, and assassinate. However, typically they haven't had enough kill to be able to deal with everything you put down, especially when you stack armor from stonehall plate and verdant refuge. Also, cheat death can be ********* sometimes in these cases, ive had my drow assassinated only to have it survive in an uncontested lane due to cheat death.

U/R can be hard as well. Axe, legion commander, bristleback are all huge threats, and ursa can permanently reduce your hero's armor which sucks. However, ive found most of the time you can actually just build wide around their heroes and let them kill a creep every now and then and poke your tower for irrelevant damage when a creep doesn't spawn there. This does make it scary to place a hero in a lane though, since being matched up against a buffed red hero is a death sentence.

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