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Artifact Deck Guide:
Budget Monoblue

By guicpv | Updated January 6th, 2019
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guicpv January 6th, 2019
Avg. Mana Cost = 5
All Items
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0
Value $127
Total Cards 34
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7.6 Rating
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28 Votes
7.6 Rating
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28 V o t e s
Mana Curve
All Items
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0
Value $127
Total Cards 34
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guicpv's Avatar
guicpv Posted: January 10th, 2019 | 7:15 AM
Thanks for the comments, appreciate it! =)
la_komkin's Avatar
la_komkin Posted: December 31st, 2018 | 8:44 AM
I don't know my winrate but this deck is pretty good
Snagh1's Avatar
Snagh1 Posted: December 30th, 2018 | 5:33 PM
Thank you, person! I'm try too many decks and your are the best
tutaxD's Avatar
tutaxD Posted: December 23rd, 2018 | 1:08 PM
How well did u do with it
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Deck Details & Information
This is a monoblue control deck that, basically, uses Zeus/Luna cards to take control of the board. Venom/Ogre synergy with this strat is great, pinging everyone with piercing attack, and CM card to survive and passive to help in the critical turns works very well.

Starts with Zeus, Luna and Venom because of their good skills for turn 1. Survive the first turns by using Frostbite, Cunning Plan, Relentless Zombie and Compel.

Once you have access to Eclipse and Thundergod's Wrath, use them to take over the boards, and while controlling waves with Sow Venom, Ignite, Zeus' passive, Luna's passive, Thunderstorm and Dimensional Portal. Meanwhile, try to get as many Foresight and Aghanim's Sanctum as possible.

Close the game by using Dimensional Portals against open boards, and Bolt of Democles.

Some extra control to survive the comes with Buying Time, Lost in Time and Claszureme Hourglass.

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