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Artifact Deck Guide:
B/G pauper aggro

By Pumpknis | Updated December 3rd, 2018
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Pumpknis December 3rd, 2018
Avg. Mana Cost = 5
All Items
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0
Value $118
Total Cards 34
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7.7 Rating
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244 Votes
7.7 Rating
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244 V o t e s
Mana Curve
All Items
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0
Value $118
Total Cards 34
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zhang's Avatar
zhang Posted: December 7th, 2018 | 11:02 AM
0-2 every time, this is so sad
Dendu's Avatar
Dendu Posted: December 7th, 2018 | 11:01 AM
**** deck don't play this
redangel666's Avatar
redangel666 Posted: December 1st, 2018 | 6:58 AM
0-2 3 times in a row. dont play this
Xallorev's Avatar
Xallorev Posted: December 2nd, 2018 | 1:42 PM
this deck its really good at launch, but as the meta already shaping itself, its not really that good especially if you facing R/B or R/G deck that include drow and axe
still, its a really good budget deck for people who start the game
protatoe's Avatar
protatoe Posted: December 1st, 2018 | 5:24 AM
This is a decent cheap deck, but no where near as good as the rating would suggest.
mondlichtchiller's Avatar
mondlichtchiller Posted: November 30th, 2018 | 11:43 PM
this deck looks great and it only cost me 2€ :D
DrDisRespect's Avatar
DrDisRespect Posted: November 30th, 2018 | 12:39 PM
This deck is great for people living on food stamps, currently have 3 5-0's.
Forsen's Avatar
Forsen Posted: November 30th, 2018 | 1:08 PM
Thank you
ScottPilgrim's Avatar
ScottPilgrim Posted: November 29th, 2018 | 3:16 PM
ahhh its really good deck and cheap too, thanks bro!
ScottPilgrim's Avatar
ScottPilgrim Posted: November 29th, 2018 | 3:05 PM
hey bro, what about sorla khan insted bh, did you thing can work?
McFeeds's Avatar
McFeeds Posted: November 29th, 2018 | 11:39 AM
Thoughts on adding 1-2 Thunderhide Pack to help close out the lategame or is the card just Slay food in pauper?
Xallorev's Avatar
Xallorev Posted: November 29th, 2018 | 10:50 AM
Really good deck, i've tested it a couple times and so far its pretty good, not to mention cheap as hell. My question is, is there any card that can improve this deck ? or is it good as it is ?
McFeeds's Avatar
McFeeds Posted: November 29th, 2018 | 11:41 AM
If you are looking to upgrade it to a non-pauper deck there are a lot of things you can add. Mainly Drow Ranger and Mist of Avernus, however in the pauper format I think this is as tight of a list as you could get. Aside from maybe picking up Thunderhide Pack.
Jackyl's Avatar
Jackyl Posted: November 30th, 2018 | 3:51 PM
I'd like to know what 34eqw asked as well. What should we swap exactly?
34eqw's Avatar
34eqw Posted: November 30th, 2018 | 12:02 PM
Just add Drown and mist? Or should i replace for others ...thks in advance
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Deck Details & Information
Your win condition is to try to put early pressure and win 2 lanes with your cheap creeps. When you get control of a lane, you drop down satyr duelists and savage wolfs and hope they stat snowballing dmg, or use board wide buffs such as disciple, arm the reb and rumusq blessing. If your opponents clears your board, but you hopefully got a bunch of dmg in, you have a bit of reach with oglodi vandals and red mist mauls. You also have a few board control tools and removals, which should help you keep that early board dominance and finish off creeps/heroes blocking your creeps from hitting the tower. For hearthstone players, think of this like a hybrid between zoo and token druid.

Edit 14/nov/2018:

Deck was at 48 cards, so I decided to cut 3x slay, 2x intimidate and 3x selfish cleric. Cutting the clerics feels really bad, but on 4 mana I'd rather play a satyr duelist or a savage wolf to try to snowball them to 5+ attack.. Also cutting the 3 slays might be a mistake, as they are a cheap creep removal, which is important if there's a melee creep blocking your 7 attack duelist from hitting the tower. I decided to keep one intimidate, as it's more likely that I'll have a green hero alive in a lane and it can be used to push that last bit of dmg needed for taking the tower. Maybe I was too harsh cutting so much removal as coup might be too expensive for this deck, but idk.. experimentation needed.

Edit 2, 14/nov/2018

cut debbie for bounty hunter, to be able to gain early gold and snowball.
cut third disc of nevermore
as the deck should be able to get more gold, replaced travellers cloaks for stonehall cloaks. Also cut one maul and one shortsword for 2 shields of basilius.

Edit 3, 03/dec/2018
Cut magnus for dark seer as lane mobility is ridiculously good and you can't play blink daggers in pauper. Took one grunt out for third disciple as disciple is ridiculously good. Swapped slays for hip fires as hip fire is a lot more versatile by being able to target heroes and initiative wins you games.

I'm torn between enchantress and treant protector. Not sure which one to slot in, but both should be good. Enchantress gives a bit more sustain, but verdant refugee tends to be a dead card in hand. Also Enchantress is a lot better against ignite.

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