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Tinker : Artifact Card

Tinker Card Artist: James Paick Premier Card
Attack: 4 Health: 4
Tinker Active Ability Active Ability


3 Deal 1 piercing damage to a unit and disarm it. Give it -2 Armor for two rounds. Costs 1 mana.

Tinker Lore

The idea of working with Mazzie is...less exciting to me. But Sniper has raised some excellent points: The keen have been divided for too long and at least he doesn't yell at trees. Still, it's hard for me to overlook our past. Do I think we'll be friends? No. Do I think I can stomach his presence and not 'accidently' shoot in him the back of the head? Maybe if I drink enough. Time will tell. — Boush, the Tinker

Tinker Value

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$0.22 Daily Change

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