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No Accident : Artifact Card

No Accident Card Artist: Livia Prima Hero Card
Premier Card Mana Cost: 2

Card Text

Deal 2 damage to a unit and give it Feeble.

No Accident Lore

Ever since I heard about the Jasper Circle I wanted to be a part of it, but a group like that... you don't ask to join, you have to be approached... which means you need to make a name for yourself. Six months I shadowed Sunbreeze. Six months of watching that stupid fairy do stupid merchant fairy things. Finally I had a plan. Then the Veiled Sisterhood went and assassinated Kwerthias which ruined everything. Sure I could have killed Sunbreeze, but then people would have given the Sisterhood the credit, so I just said to hell with it and scrapped everything. — Debbi, Foiled Assassin

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