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Mercenary Exiles : Artifact Card

Mercenary Exiles Card Artist: John Stanko
Attack: 2 Armor: 1 Health: 4 Mana Cost: 3
Mercenary Exiles Active Ability Active Ability

Mercenary Exiles

2 Spend all your gold. Modify Mercenary Exiles with +X Attack and +X Health where X is half the gold spent.

Mercenary Exiles Lore

We were good soldiers that served Galanius and the Bronze Legion for years. The blood we spilt didn't just bring glory to Stonehall, it helped build the whole damn empire. And how were we rewarded? With a fancy piece of red cloth to wear into battle. But you can't build a keep out of honor. You can't feed your family with Pride. You can't repay a debt with Glory. So now we fight for the only thing that matters. Gold. — Tessgan, leader of the Black Hilt Mercenary Company

Mercenary Exiles Value

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$0.08 Daily Change

Mercenary Exiles Market Value History

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