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Lycan : Artifact Card

Lycan Card Artist: Ryan Pancoast Premier Card
Attack: 3 Health: 6
Lycan Reactive Ability Reactive Ability

Pack Leadership

If the combined Attack of your creeps in Lycan's lane reaches 15 or more, Lycan has +3 Attack and your creeps within range 2 have an extra +1 Attack.
This effect lasts until Lycan dies and cannot be purged.

Lycan Continuous Effect Continuous Effect

Feral Impulse

Aura: Your creeps in this lane within range 2 have +2 Attack.

Lycan Lore

My father was good man. A regent over the lands of Slom, he ruled the small folk with fairness and justice. My mother was the picture of patience and compassion, a woman beloved by her people as if they were her children. And my siblings? Gods we were trouble. I remember the day we found Father's collection of ancient maps, Tressa thought it would be funny if we- it doesn't matter now. They're all dead. — Banehallow, the Lycan

Lycan Value

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