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Luna : Artifact Card

Luna Card Artist: Anthony Palumbo Premier Card
Attack: 2 Health: 6
Luna Reactive Ability Reactive Ability

Lucent Beam

Round Start: Deal 1 piercing damage to a random enemy and add a charge to your Eclipse cards.

Luna Lore

Once I was like Sorla Khan... a warlord that did as she pleased. Strong and immortal I knew that no man or beast was my equal... until my hubris cost me everything. It was there at my lowest that Selemene found me. Tested me. And showed me the moon lit path. Much time has passed since that day, and I find purpose and pride in protecting the Nightsilver Woods with other members of the Dark Moon. But word has spread of Sorla Khan's march, and while we have never met I understand her all too well. And so I travel to Roseleaf to defeat her, and save her from herself. — Luna, the Moon Rider

Luna Value

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