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Earthshaker : Artifact Card

Earthshaker Card Artist: Forrest Imel Premier Card
Attack: 2 Health: 6
Earthshaker Active Ability Active Ability


3 Bounce allies from Earthshaker to a slot in this lane within range 3, then summon Rocks in their place. Costs 1 mana.

Earthshaker Reactive Ability Reactive Ability


Whenever you play a spell or enchantment from this lane, stun Earthshaker's enemies for one action.

Earthshaker Lore

My existence shouldn't be. I was not born of a mother, but from a rock...and yet I was carved by no artisan. No... I willed my consciousness into being. For so long, I walked alone... confused... but that all changed when I met Kanna. I was rudderless, and she gave me direction. I was ignorant of the ways of man, and she gave me understanding. I was alone in this world, and she gave me companionship. But above all, she gave me a name and sense of self. Once I called myself Raigor Stonehoof...but she has given me a new name that is far more fitting...Earthshaker. — Earthshaker, Adopted Son

Earthshaker Value

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