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Artifact: The DOTA Card Game

Find news and decks for Artifact, the DOTA Card Game. Keep up to date with the latest Artifact spoilers, top Artifact decks, and even create your own deck guide with our Artifact deck builder. Welcome to ArtifactFire.

Card Database Updated to Match Beta

July 31st, 2020 | Hades4u

Hey everyone, we hope you've all been doing well and that you've gotten invited to try out Artifact Beta 2.0! :) Unfortunately, we haven't been lucky enough yet, but we've been following the game...

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Artifact Deck Tech: Mono Green Ramp Decklist

April 26th, 2019 | jscaliseok

View Mono Green Ramp Ever since Artifact’s initial release, two-colored decks have ruled the roost. Being able to play a strong color and then shore up any weaknesses that color might have...

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The Archetypes of Artifact: Ramp

April 19th, 2019 | jscaliseok

Introduction Well, we’ve finally done it, we’ve reached the end of the archetypes. The last four articles covered the staples you’d expect, but Artifact comes with one more: ramp. This one is...

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The Archetypes of Artifact: Combo

April 12th, 2019 | jscaliseok

The archetype series speeds along. Though we’ve gone over the big three (aggro, midrange, control) those are not the only options you have when building a deck in Artifact. In fact, there are two...

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The Archetypes of Artifact: Control

April 5th, 2019 | jscaliseok

This week, we finish the big three. Though there are several archetypes scattered throughout different card games (including Artifact) the three constants are aggro, midrange, and control. We’ve...

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The Archetypes of Artifact: Midrange

March 29th, 2019 | jscaliseok

Last week we covered aggro. This week we’re breaking down midrange. Midrange is one of the most unique archetypes in Artifact (and card games in general) because it is hard to define. Many people...

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